An Important Preamble

First, you should know that I consider myself one of the most fortunate men on this planet to have at my side a very special, elite security detail pictured here with the #girlwithswag.

“Thor” and “Loki,” twin miniature, long-haired Dachshunds always make their presence known and will lick even the hardest of hearts into submission.

These two little terrors have also inspired an upcoming children’s book – “Willie and the Wieners:  Far from Home”  – and are currently looking for girlfriends.

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From Farm-Boy to Mental Health & Addictions Specialist

Life often turns out in ways we never imagine. That is no more true in my story than others. Maybe it’s the curiosity I can’t seem to shake or the fact that I truly believe we are living in one of the most unique, and scary, times in history… I am, and always have been, fascinated with other people’s stories.

For me, outside of where I’ve been, and what I’ve done, and how badly I’ve fallen, there has always been the sheer importance of TODAY, here and now, starring back at me.  The crises gripping many of our communities today fuel both my creative self and professional profile.

There are three versions of me to share:  1) the professional, 2) the indie-author, & 3) the community advocate.  All, I hope, have their place and time in the grand scheme of simply hoping to contribute to the world at large.

Community Advocate

Farmboy Unleashed

Growing up on a hundred acre farm, surrounded by sheep, cows, crops, and more opened in me a spirit of determination, community, & unrelenting work ethic. I saw, as a boy, that anything is possible… especially when odds are against you. Farms can be very unforgiving environments, but they also represent the epitome of pragmatic responsiveness & well-being.

Community Response Profile

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Literarily Obsessed

Reading, bar none, is my singular obsession. It started with the likes of Tolkien, Lewis, and Tolstoy but quickly pointed toward masters of historical and psychological thrillers – Ken Follett, Robert Harrison, Tom Clancy, Jo Nesbo, Steig Larrson.

I’ve been writing since I was twelve; “The Savaging” is an indie-developed novel inspired by my mentors.

Indie-Author Profile

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Entrepreneur / Social Work

Straight out of university I was hired as a High School Chaplain. A year later, I found myself sitting down with family to develop the first of many business ventures. Through all of the ups and downs that small business represents, I’ve always loved launching enterprises with the purpose of delivering a service that has either been inaccessible or not yet developed.

Professional Profile

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